Stovetop holiday potpourri

I’m obsessed with candles. Ask anyone that’s attended a dinner party at my place and they’ll probably tell you they initially thought they’d been duped into attending a seance.

Setting an intimate and cozy ambience aside, purchasing scented candle after scented candle can’t rack up a quick bill. Enter: stovetop potpourri. Simmering a combination of fruits and spices on the stovetop for hours fills your home with the yummiest air. Not only is it healthier for you, it’s a great way to use up any remaining season scraps you may have in the kitchen.

Feel free to use the ingredient combo listed below, or play around with your own. Bonus: You can also drink the “kompot” afterward.

Stovetop holiday potpourri


  • 1 orange, peeled then cut in half
  • 2 apples, halved
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 vanilla bean pod
  • 1/2 tsp cloves
  • 1 rosemary sprig


  1. Arrange all ingredients in pot, then cover with water.
  2. Bring pot to boil, lower to simmer and place on back burner.
  3. Breathe.

Originally published November 11th, 2016

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