Engagement photos in Cincinnati!

I’ll begin this post by saying that wedding planning is… not my thing, to put it lightly. I don’t find it fun, I don’t have a pinterest board full of fantastic ideas and up until last week I had no idea what wedding linens were, let alone that we were supposed to pick some out for this thing.

For these reasons and more, I had been planning on bypassing engagement pictures altogether. But now that Jeffrey and I are moving to DC, the thought of leaving behind our amazing apartment without any documentation of the place pained me. It’s hands down the coolest place I’ll ever live, and I’m going to miss it so, so much.

I was lucky to find the amazing Sydney Norberg on Instagram, and even luckier that she happened to be in Cincinnati that same weekend. Shooting with her felt like hanging with an old friend, and after Jeff and I pounded a couple bottles of champagne first thing in the morning, we were good to go.

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And Pushkin stole the show, of course.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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